Our Approach- Middle School


We believe that, in order to become great readers, scholars must love and have a passion for reading. PAVE uses a multi-faceted approach that includes a 70-minute Literature class as well as daily writing and guided reading. To guarantee scholars’ access to grade-appropriate reading, each student receives a copy of every novel assigned in Literature to annotate in class and keep at home. This affords scholars the opportunity to re-read novels, read to others, and build their home libraries. PAVE Middle School scholars read, write, and listen to complex texts. By using an integrated Social Studies curriculum, all literature is examined through a nuanced cultural and historical perspective.



Problem solving and investigation provide the foundation for mathematics learning at PAVE. PAVE develops scholars who reason mathematically and do the ‘heavy lifting’ when problem solving. We expect our scholars to develop systematic strategies using their knowledge of deep number sense, practical application, and fluency regarding operations as well as math content. All PAVE teachers utilize and receive training in an approach called Cognitively Guided Instruction, and we implement a balanced, cumulative review. PAVE expects children to do more than simply learn math. We expect them to deeply understand the subject.


Academic Passion and Rigor

Research shows that teachers have the single greatest influence over scholar achievement. PAVE incorporates a passion for core content areas, data review protocols, and common core standards to ensure that our scholars are getting a top-notch education. Scholars in grades 5-8 attend departmentalized classes in core content areas led by teachers who are specialized in those subjects. PAVE thereby promotes scholars to be passionate about their work and allows teachers to teach rigorously. The Middle School team regularly reviews scholar achievement data and assessments to ensure that we are pushing scholars to perform at high levels. Teachers use their in-depth, nuanced knowledge to ignite a passion for all subjects. Because our teachers are the key factor in providing a high caliber education to our scholars, PAVE provides a variety of opportunities for both on and off-site professional development.


Competitive High School Preparation

We know that in order to ensure that our scholars are successful in college and beyond, PAVE must prepare our scholars for competitive high schools. In order to achieve this goal, we prepare all PAVE scholars to take the Specialized High School Exam in 7th grade and help them through the high school admissions process. We provide scholars the opportunity to enroll in Regents classes in 8th Grade and take Regents Exams in up to 3 content areas. This gives scholars an advantage in high school, allowing them the chance to start college with credits towards graduation.