PAVE Scholar Prepares for Freshman Year at Stuyvesant High School

This year, only 33 Hispanic students got into Stuyvesant, New York’s most selective public high school, out of 895 spots. PAVE’s Mary Aragon is one of them. 

Why do you want to go to Stuyvesant?

When I was researching different high schools, I saw how well the students at Stuyvesant did. 97% of students go to college. I decided to set it as a goal to get in. 

How did you prepare for the Specialized High School Admissions Test?

I attended bi-weekly test prep classes, led by two PAVE teachers after school. If I had any questions, I would ask and I felt very supported. On a high school tour, we were given two practice tests. I took them and then studied the questions I had missed to understand what had gone wrong.

What drives you to work so hard?

I am driven by the way society looks immigrants and people of color in general. I want to prove myself, my family and my country, Mexico. 

What is your favorite subject? 

My passion is math and at PAVE, the teachers have helped me pursue it. For example, while other students were studying the regular math curriculum, my 6th grade math teacher Ms. Callahan would always would show me more advanced concepts. I was able to be pushed.

What do you love about PAVE?

I love being friends with students from all different backgrounds and the diverse community. I am also grateful for my teachers.