Stronger Retention, Stronger Outcomes

This year, more than 77% of PAVE Elementary School staff, and 100% of PAVE Elementary and Middle School Leadership Teams returned for the 2017/18 School Year. Here, two veteran faculty members share why they love working at PAVE.

Interview with Asheka James, 18-19 Academic Dean

How would you describe the community of teachers?

“It is a really tight-knit group. My fellow teachers are more than just coworkers. They are true friends. We give each other shout-outs through the day and formally in writing every week. We know how tough teaching is and every day can seem overwhelming. When you see a teacher doing a great job, you know how hard they are working. The culture of shout-outs lift the whole community.”

What is your favorite subject to teach?

“I love to teach math because I become a facilitator through the investigatory and hands-on work the students do. My favorite part is watching the discourse. Kids will ask each other, “Why did you decide to add 10?” when trying to solve a problem. It becomes a classroom of everybody teaching each other.”

How have you grown as a teacher?

“I get to go to wonderful professional development — especially “Math in the City.” It has really taken my teaching to a different level. I was empowered to learn and PAVE empowered me to share what I learned with my colleagues. It’s made me more of a leader.”