Why I Teach at PAVE

Interview with Harold Turner, Middle School Dean of Humanities

Why work at PAVE?

“I love the intimate feel at PAVE and the flexibility. We can meet individual challenges and be nimble about solutions. At PAVE, the kids are incredibly dynamic and have so much to offer. The potential here is amazing. And Red Hook is a small and unique community. Communication looks different here than it does in other big urban schools because everyone knows each other, is somehow connected and they are looking out for each other.”

What do you love about your work?

“I love coaching people and working with them on problem solving. If there is text that is confusing to kids or teachers have trouble analyzing content, I really like sitting down and troubleshooting. I like having a bird’s-eye view of the school culture, content and instruction. I get excited thinking about what we can do as a school to solve problems.”

What makes the Middle School leadership team special?

“We all have common vision. We have an end goal: that students be the best they can. We are also straight up with each other and can have tough conversations. We can authentically celebrate and also push back on each other. We all understand it’s coming from the same place — how best to serve the kids. At the end of the day, we are fundamentally about service to the students.”

What are you most proud of at PAVE?

“Last year, I designed and wrote a 25-page document on our independent reading program. It shows every teacher the purpose of independent reading and what it should look like down to the smallest detail. It is really actionable and practical. It was a passion project.”

How do you push yourself to grow?

“I am currently enrolled in a specialized Masters Degree program at Teacher’s College on Curriculum and Teaching Leadership.”