Madison Monplaisir

4th Grade
PAVE student since: 2011

PAVE: What are your favorite subjects in school, and why?

Madison: Science and math. I like science because we’re learning how to be scientists. I like math because it helps with multiplication, which I wasn’t very good at when I was in kindergarten. My teachers help me learn.

PAVE: Are there other parts of the day you enjoy?

Madison: Specials! When we have a break we get to do music, chess, art, or gym.

PAVE: What do you love about coming to PAVE?

Madison: I love seeing my friends smile. I love when they are happy. When I was in first grade, my grandmother didn’t want me to go to school because I was sick. But I begged her to go because I love coming to school. She still wouldn’t let me. Now I try to stay healthy so I can come to school every day.

PAVE: What has been your greatest accomplishment at PAVE?

Madison: I have won the Brick award every year. My family gets to come and see me win.

PAVE: What do you like to do outside of school?

Madison: Sing and dance.

PAVE: Any chance you’ll sing a song right now?

Madison: I’m too shy right now. But we have shows at PAVE and you could come see on stage!