Shakai Cargo

5th Grade
PAVE student since: 2011

PAVE: What is your favorite subject in school, and why?

Shakai: Definitely math. Math comes easily to me. One of the best parts about math class is working together to figure out the problems. I really like that we get to solve problems as a group.

PAVE: What do you love about coming to PAVE every day?

Shakai: We learn so much new stuff in 5th grade! I really like to learn.

PAVE: What has been your greatest accomplishment at PAVE?

Shakai: Learning more all of the time, and doing well in school.

PAVE: Can you share something that you did not know before coming to school, but you do know now?

Shakai: Fractions!

PAVE: What is your favorite after-school activity?

Shakai: Chess is my favorite activity. It makes me think more, and it’s fun. I like the strategy part of it.