High School Placement

At PAVE, we support our families of 8th grade students through the entire high school placement process for all public, parochial, independent and charter schools. We also support students as they take the assessments necessary to attend selective high schools such as the SHSAT and TACHS exams. We provide parents with information about upcoming workshops and deadlines, as well as resources to assist with the application.

Please see below for key dates:

  • October 2- Applications distributed to students
  • October 21-22-SHSAT exam
  • October 28-Audition for LaGuardia High School
  • November 3-4-TACHS exam
  • November 17- Deadline to turn in applications for public schools
  • If you have any questions you can reach out to our High School Placement Coordinator, Sarah Myers, at smyers@paveschools.org.