Our Students

PAVE scholars personify our core values of Perseverance, Achievement, Vibrance, and Excellent Character. As part of the PAVE school community, our scholars willingly take on the educational and recreational challenges they know will prepare them for future success in college and career. PAVE scholars are chess champions, basketball competitors, guitar virtuosos, and winning squash players. Meet some of our scholars and see for yourself their passion, dedication, motivation, and resilience!

The scholars pictured above, along with all of our Kindergarten through 8th Grade students, are members of the Southeast Raleigh and Red Hook communities. PAVE has chosen to open its doors to these underserved communities because of the critical need for high-quality public education. PAVE’s student population reflects the demographics of their communities, with approximately 85% low-income and 97% minority students across both geographies.

PAVE’s student population is also comprised of students whose primary language is not English and students with disabilities, as follows:

PAVE serves our Red Hook and Raleigh communities by providing children with a rigorous, college-bound education in a supportive school environment that emphasizes our four core values of Perseverance, Achievement, Vibrance and Excellent Character. To read about the results of PAVE’s program, visit Our Impact page.