Leading scholars to significant academic gains.

PAVE RH is producing results above the New York City and State average, while pacing charter sector performance. 2017-18 New York State Test results demonstrated PAVE’s fourth year of consecutive growth across the program.

PAVE RH scholars in 3rd through 8th Grade have consistently out-performed students from Red Hook’s four public elementary and middle schools. State test results indicate that our students are nearly two times more likely to be on a college trajectory than students attending other neighborhood options.

High School Placement Results

Scholars in PAVE RH’s Class of 2018 were accepted in record numbers to some of the most selective boarding, parochial and public schools in New York City and beyond, including Deerfield Academy, Episcopal High School, and The Lawrenceville School.

While New York City high schools average a 60 percent four-year graduation rate, 93 percent of the class is attending high schools with a 75 percent + four-year graduation rate.