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Everything that happens during the day in the life of a PAVE scholar happens, in part, through the collective generosity of individuals like you. Please join us in ensuring all of our scholars emerge from our classrooms on a path of expanded opportunities.

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PAVE and City Squash have both opened so many doors. I see students who have gone before me to attend top schools, and I know I can get there too. It has been incredible for me to have adults outside my family who want to help me get to the next level academically and as a person

Judah, PAVE Scholar Class of 2020

PAVE taught me how to be a leader. Even if the road gets tough, you have to keep trying. With the support PAVE gave me, I learned that if you approach challenges with excitement and the willingness to try, you can do great things.

Lizbeth, PAVE Alumna Class of 2016, Junior at Millennium High School

The experience at Deerfield Academy’s The Experimentory taught me to make new friends and step outside of my comfort zone. I discovered that I could succeed by being myself and being open to new experiences. I really appreciate the opportunity that was given to me.

Nirel, PAVE Scholar, Class of 2020