Our Approach

From the moment a student joins the PAVE community, s/he is immersed in an engaging, college preparatory environment where they will be inspired by passionate educators. Our comprehensive program emphasizes not only exceptional instruction, but also places a premium on other components that matter deeply: building character, focusing on the entire child, and fostering an inclusive learning environment.

Curriculum and Content First

We believe the strongest driver of student achievement is rigorous curriculum delivered by teachers with deep content knowledge. Through a comprehensive inquiry-based methodology, we inspire a love of learning. We prioritize strong intellectual preparation and masterful facilitation of student discourse, recognizing that our own skills and understanding of content must be exceptional in order to guide and motivate our students.

Diagnostic Data

We use data to track student progress, inform curricular design, and continuously improve instruction, ensuring we can meet the unique learning needs of our students. At PAVE, we know assessment matters. Standardized assessments are the most significant benchmark for ensuring our scholars gain entry into the high schools that will prepare them for college and beyond.

Unbending Expectations

Our belief in our students is unwavering. We know that in order to meet our students’ potential, we must expect excellence. To maintain clear and consistent expectations for our scholars and ourselves, we standardize effective school practice through systematic application and routine.

Authentic Relationships

Academic success alone, is not enough. We believe expectations can be upheld with compassion and humility. Our scholars work to cultivate the character strengths needed to build healthy relationships with themselves and others, developing the tools that will help them navigate through life beyond the classroom.